Lars Nilsson

Lars Nilsson


Lars, an architect for over 25 years, has experience in all phases of institutional, commercial and large residential projects. Highly successful projects require exceptional client service and a close collaboration of architect, client and contractor throughout the design and construction process. He applies this positive dialogue, combined with patience and persistence, to all of our projects. Lars holds degrees in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University.

As a lifelong Californian, Lars enjoys trail running, swimming, skiing and spending time with family at their cabin on Fallen Leaf Lake where on summer afternoons he can be found behind the wheel of his Century Resorter named, of course, Awesome.

Featured Projects

Robinson, Whispering Stones, Moss Rock, Yandell, Annenberg Pet Space, Palo Alto Animal Shelter, YLCL, McFadden Nunez, Dragonfly House, Whatley House, Korpi House, Soong House, Green House, 70 Rowan Tree Lane