01. Evaluate

Every project starts with YOU, the client, a site and a program. We typically have a kick off meeting to learn about your ideas and goals for your special project.

We then start to analyze the site and program, with diagrams – for example. of the topography, mature vegetation, key orientations and placement ideas.


02. Plan

From diagrams, plan ideas are generated and we start to study the building in 3D on the computer. Typically for the first design meeting, we have plans and some 3D renderings.


03. Refine

The design process typically involves multiple iterations as we study and refine the design. For most of our residential projects, we also study the design by building a physical model. We feel this is truly the only way to really study a building and look at it from all angles.

Model construction

04. Develop

After finishing the schematic design phase, we move into the design development phase and further study the details, systems and materials of the building.


05. Document

From design development, we move into the construction document phase. Working with a team of consultants, we develop drawings for permitting and construction.

tech specs
Diagram Stairs

06. Construct

Once the building is permitted, construction can begin! Swatt + Partners believes a truly successful building requires our involvement from design through construction. We work closely with the clients and contractors to make sure the buildings meet the design intent, typically through bi-weekly meetings on site. Depending on the project, we will lay out every concrete snap tie, generate unique tile patterns and scrutinize every corner.

Constructtion 2

07. Complete

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients enjoy their completed building. We are passionate about what we do and feel fortunate we get to share that passion with you.

finished work
Amara Residence